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  OwniCloud is a Milestone Cloud that can change a person, a company, or even the whole world inside out!    
  Can you imagine searching millions of your private data like Google searching public data? Well, OwniCloud lets you do it.

  • OwniCloud can store and share data like other Clouds;
  • OwniCloud has unique Table of Content Interface to index millions of private docs into searchable book and search data like Google;
  • OwniCloud has perfect sharing to share thousands of folders and files with hundreds of people, you'll never be messed up;
  • OwniCloud's sharing with "Document Lock" feature to avoid group members overwrite each other's change;
  • OwniCloud is very secure with multi-level server security, application security, and user account data security;
  • OwniCloud can be a person or company's central management system to manage work flows, processes, customers, employees and everything;
  • OwniCloud can sell products and services in group account to group members, e.g. put e-Newspaper in group account to be subscribed/unsubscribed by group members;
  • OwniCloud server can be sold to big and small companies on their own network with affordable price;
  • OwniCloud is designed so well that it can be put in laptop to be managed and controlled only by one person, no IT skill needed;

    OwniCloud will lead Cloud Computing with the above features. Cloud Computing became popular just couple of years ago and started to grow fast since 2010. But we started to think and develop OwniCloud 10 years ago. Google has been very popular since then, but something Google not resolved yet, how do you search millions of private documents like Google? We wanted to resolve the world common issue, through 10 years hard working, we got it perfectly done. OwniCloud is another milestone system to change the whole world!

    OwniCloud will also change the Cloud Computing Concept. Nowadays, Clouds seem to only store and share data like a hard drive in the Internet Sky without powerful management and search abilities. But the world is so colorful, what is in the world should also be in the Clouds. Clouds are not colorful because Cloud Computing Technology didn't go further yet. OwniCloud is bringing rainbow to the Clouds, apart from storing, managing, sharing millions of private documents and search them like Google, OwniCloud can sell products and services, can also be your centralized management system to manage work flows, processes, customers, employees, and everything ...

    OwniCloud indexes millions of private documents into Searchable Books with Dynamic Table of Content Interface, perfectly share them, and search them like Google. To read your own data like a book, apart from going through chapters and sections to find what you want, you can search the whole book, search document name, search chapter/section name, or even search keywords in a chapter or section to find out anything in a second.

    Big and small companies can OWN OwniCloud and put it on company's network to manage large amount of internal data, at the same time, build central management and sharing system: company wide data are shared and searched by everyone in the company, group wide data are shared and searched by a group of people, personal data are only managed and searched by that person.

    Give it a free trial and see for yourself. Following Tour & Guide to create a Personal User and a Group User, join Personal User into Group and manage the Group by yourself, anyone can manage the Group easily. To seriously and securely share your docs, photos, musics, videos with others, just invite other people to join your Group, companies can sell products and services in group account. If you think it is an excellent system, introduce it to others, you will be rewarded.

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