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(I)                Compare OwniCloud with Google docs, Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365, Dropbox, and Apple’s iCloud                    

            Also see (II) OwniCloud has perfect sharing and security


1. OwniCloud has Dynamic Table of Content Interface and Powerful Searches to manage thousands of, even millions of your own private docs and search them like Google, it can also share docs, photos, music, and videos in Group Account with perfect sharing and security. You can sell products and services in Group Account to Group Members, it can also be your central management system. Everyone needs it, every company needs it, it can change a person, a company, and the whole world!

2. Apart from Interface, Searches, Sharing, Security, and many other unique features, like its fancy name, OwniCloud can be owned by you. You can own your server on IBM-Softlayer’s Cloud Data Center or own it on premise on your company’s network with affordable price.

3. Nowadays, when you visit a website, a lot of times you could not open it by old or certain kind of browser, you will be asked to upgrade or change browser, this is freaking ridiculous. OwniCloud works on all kinds of PC and Cell browsers including old ones, as long as you have PC, Cell, Tablet or any other devices with Internet, no matter what kind of browser, no matter browser is old and new, you can access your data no problem!


4. OwniCloud Interface: you can have hundreds of, even thousands of Chapters and Sections in the following Dynamic Table of Content Interface, it lists all Chapters on top, then lists all Chapters and Sections at bottom, just like a searchable book. Dynamic means after you make a new Chapter and/or Section, it will automatically appear on home page in alphabetical order, so you can create new document in it.



5. https://docs.google.com Interface:




6. Microsoft SharePoint Interface:



7. Microsoft Office 365 Interface



8. Dropbox Interface



9. Apple’s iCloud Interface



(II)  OwniCloud has perfect sharing and security

For other Cloud Application Systems, they put shared data and un-shared data in one account, so in the same account, some of the folders and files are shared, some not. If you have thousands of folders and files need to be shared, how do you manage them? How do you remember which folder and file are shared with whom? We resolved the problem by sharing in totally different ways. To make it secure, personal user account data will never be shared, you create different Group Accounts to share related data with different people, e.g. your public sharing account shares data with everyone, your group sharing account only shares data with a group of people etc., with our powerful sharing management abilities, you’ll never be messed up. A company can manage data like this, company wide data are shared and searched by everyone in the company; group wide data are shared and searched by a group of people; personal data are only managed and searched by that person.


Here is how Group Owner manages the Group and unlocks a Group doc:

1. Group Owner adds user into Group

2. Change User’s Privilege in Group

3. Delete User’s Privilege from a Group, if demo’s privilege is deleted from demo_grp,  option won’t appear after demo logon, so demo can not access demo_grp account anymore.




4. OwniCloud shares data securely and seriously with perfect design, it locks shared document when editing, for example, user demo login to group account demo_grp, then edits Document ID 34126 in demo_grp:


If other group members try to edit the same document when user demo is editing it, they can not and get following message:



If  Group doc is locked by mistake (failed to update or unlock Group doc in half hour), two ways to unlock it: 1) Group Owner or OwniCloud Web Master can unlock it, 2) after waiting for one hour, unlock link will auto appear, so any group member with Edit Right can unlock it.