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  OwniCloud powered by IBM-Softlayer, integrated best-in-class Software and Hardware Cloud together, safe and secure:    
  • OwniCloud.com servers and user account data are hosted in OwniCloud Inc.'s Cloud Data Center, safe and secure;
  • Account password is encrypted, only user with correct user name and password can log in;
  • Account documents are encrypted, only user with correct user name and password can access documents after login;
  • Server access is logged, application access is logged, user account activities is logged, account hacking is logged to be found out immediately;
  • Internet data transfer is secured by SSL secure tunnel (https);
  • User can self-check what's happening in the account, after very 1st time login, click top link 'Self-check Account Activities' to see who and when the documents are accessed, created, updated, and deleted;
  • Serious, perfect, and well-managed sharing makes your shared data safe and secure, group owner can check member activities in group account;
  • OwniCloud backs up your data, and you can pay to back it up on your own computer regularly, see F.A.Q. 14 http://www.ownicloud.com/faq.asp#down14 ;
  • Our privacy policy seriously protect your personal information, you won't get junk emails after applying account;
  • OwniCloud is developed in 10 years, all your needs are handled very carefully by this amazing system;

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